Here is a list of books written by me, with a link for you to click and buy a copy for yourself.

Ten Years with Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt is probably the only Indian film-maker who, within the parameters of the box office, made a personal statement with his cinema. His films stand testimony not only to his own genius but also to the creativity of his team, comprising stalwarts like cameraman V.K. Murthy, music director S.D. Burman and writer Abrar Alvi, among others.

In Ten Years with Guru Dutt: Abrar Alvi's Journey, Sathya Saran looks at the tumultuous yet incredibly fecund relationship between the mercurial director and his equally talented, albeit unsung, writer-a partnership that evolved over a decade until Dutt's tragic death in 1964.

Starting his career as a driver and chaperone to Dutt's producer on the sets of Baaz, Abrar soon caught the attention of the director with his sharp ear for and understanding of film dialogue. With Aar Paar in 1954, Abrar rewrote the rules of dialogue-writing in Hindi cinema, until then marked by theatricality and artificiality.

Baat Nikle Toh

Jagjit Singh was more than just the king of ghazals. He was a singer, composer, arranger, lyricist, all rolled into one. Besides which he was a brother, friend, husband, and above all a father. 

This biography of Jagjit Singh traces the evolution of the artiste from his Namdari Singh roots through his diverse musical influences to his recreation of the ghazal as a lively, contemporary form of music that could hold both the young and old in thrall. From the days of singing ad jingles to his breakthrough album, Unforgettables, to his soul searching music for Gulzar's Mirza Ghalib, from his love of music to his fetish for horses, from his marriage to Chitra Singh to his tryst with spirituality, this book tells the story of the most loved ghazal singer of our time with great sensitivity. 

Delving into Singh's personal triumphs and tragedies, Sathya Saran presents a man loved by many, revered by some and unsurpassed as yet in his chosen field. 

Sun Mere Bandhu Re

S.D. Burman was singer, musician, composer and teacher all at once - a trailblazer in the truest sense of the term. He was a prince who lived a commoner's life, a singer who created tunes instead, a classically trained musician who composed for the lay listener. His incredible career in Hindi cinema spanned three decades - through all the years of which his spirit was as fresh and young as when he started. His compositions were filmed on succeeding generations of stars to unflaggingly wonderful effect.

This chronicle of the life of S.D. Burman tells his story through a kaleidoscope of montages from the inner and outer worlds he inhabited. Fragmented memoirs of his days in the sylvan surroundings of Comilla, interviews, press clippings and archival material piece together the story of the man who created some of Hindi cinema's most enduring songs. Facts and records are knitted into a multidimensional narrative that carries the reader into the little-known world of a man whose contradictions made him unique and gave him a place all his own in music. 

Gulzaar's Angoor

Angoor (1982) is among the best-loved comedies in Hindi cinema. It is also a perfect example of Gulzar's genius as a writer complete with his impish wordplay. Through extensive interviews with some of the main actors in Angoor (Deepti Naval and Moushumi Chatterjee) and its earlier version - both adaptations of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors - this book traces the evolution of a comic tale that continues to amuse audiences of all ages.

It deftly peels the layers exploring how song, dialogue, silences and wordplay add to the actors' arsenal in creating humour that can range from rib-tickling mirth to guffaws. Sathya Saran's book reveals what lies behind the evergreen appeal of Angoor, with memories and anecdotes shared by Gulzar himself.

The Dark Side

In these compelling stories, Sathya Saran straddles two distinct worlds- the surreal and the very real. These are maps of the mind, charting the unknown and the intangible and connecting it with the here and now of everyday life. These stories are about love and understanding, about despair and courage and about fear and faith.
These and many more stories, regulated by a prose that is both fluid and simple, create a rich and varying landscape and make you reach into the hidden niches of memory, to grab at familiar moments - either actually lived or fantasized about, and sometimes...feared.

Knot for Keeps

What holds two people together for life, sometimes across continents? What drives them apart even as they share their lives under the same roof? What makes marriage the only socially acceptable goal of a relationship?


Are women, and men, preferring other options to marriage these days? Why are more and more marriages failing? Is it to do with changing social norms or individual expectations? 

This anthology takes a hard look at marriage and tries to decode this age-old alliance.

How to look like Miss India

Disclaimer : Miss India is the registered trademark of Bennett, Coleman & Company Limited. Used with permission. Photographs of Miss India Contestants in this book and the tiara/crown artwork used on the cover of this book are copyrighted properties of Bennett, Coleman & Company Limited. Bennett, Coleman & Company Limited does not endorse or take any responsibility with respect to the contents of this book.

How does Sushmita Sen remain poised and confident? What is Madhu Sapre's secret recipe for perfect skin? How does Neha Dhupia deal with bad hair days? What are Lara Dutta's make-up tips to look youthful? Answering these and many more questions, How to Look Like Miss India is a practical guide by Sathya Saran who was on the core team of the Femina Miss India Contest for several years. In this book she brings you helpful, easy-touse tips and advice from Wendell Rodricks, Ambika Pillai, Dr Jamuna Pai, Mickey Contractor and many others.

From Me to You

The selection in this book is culled from the author's writings over the years, and reflects her love of Nature, and wonder at the diversity and tenacity of the human spirit.